December 8, 2022

La Trinidad targets to vaccinate 79,000 residents, which is 70 percent of its 130,000 population once the first wave of anti-Covid-19 vaccines from the government arrives.
Mayor Romeo Salda said the 16 barangays are conducting an inventory of individuals to be in the priority list, following the guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force. 
The IATF prioritizes frontline workers in the national and local health facilities. Also in the priority list are those in the vulnerable groups such as senior citizens and those with co-morbidities.
A survey on 655 respondents conducted by the municipal government showed that 40 percent wanted to be vaccinated while 30 percent do not want to get the anti-Covid vaccine shot. The remaining 30 percent are undecided.
“We do not have a problem with frontliners getting vaccinated. It’s the public that we need to convince more,” Salda said.
He added those who refused to get vaccinated wanted to have more information regarding the anti-Covid-19 vaccines to be administered to them.
The local government has launched an information and education campaign in the different barangays to increase residents’ awareness on vaccine rollout program against the Covid-19.
Among the vaccination sites in the municipality are the Benguet Sports complex multipurpose gym and the municipal gym.
Benguet State University, Cordillera Career Development College, and Kings College of the Philippines were also asked for the possible use of their facilities as vaccination sites.
Aside from the municipality’s health workers, the BSU College of Nursing and private clinics personnel were requested to help during the vaccine rollout.  
The LGU has submitted its “micro plans” for Covid-19, which includes establishing networks within private and public facilities, training, and simulations. – Ofelia C. Empian