July 16, 2024

La Trinidad, Benguet is seeking for the cancellation of the primary sampling unit (PSU) number, which is being used by some adverse claimants for their title application within the Puguis communal forest reserve.  
Mayor Romeo Salda said the cancellation is to ensure the claimants will not continue using the PSU numbers to stake their claims after the Supreme Court has ruled the forest reserve belongs to the municipal government, not to any private individuals.
The SC Second Division issued a resolution on March 16 and released on Sept. 21, denying the petition for review on certiorari filed by the heirs of Evaristo Tiotioen, who assailed the decision of the Court of Appeals on April 30, 2018.
The CA denied the application of the heirs of Tiotioen for the application for land registration of their land title for failing to prove their claims inside the forest reserve are alienable and disposable lands.
The disputed area involves two parcels of land located at Pico, La Trinidad within Lot 1 PSU-230646 containing 123,935 square meters and Lot 2 PSU-`230646 covering 56,553 square meters, totaling 18 hectares.
PSU is a survey on original land not yet surveyed by a private geodetic engineer. This kind of survey will be used by titling through judicial proceedings or through court order.
Salda said the municipality has learned the heirs of Tiotioen filed for a motion for reconsideration on the recent SC decision.   
Various programs on forest management are being conducted at the Puguis communal forest reserve such as the “adopt-a-forest” program. The activity allows government and non-government organizations to implement their respective activities on preservation of the communal site such as tree planting and tree caring.
Earlier, the Second Benguet Provincial Mobile Force Company launched the “Warrior’s Nest” featuring a 1,000-square meter eco-site with an obstacle course, children’s swings, seesaw, benches, view deck and picnic area.
The parkwas built in partnership with the various stakeholders from the provincial and municipal governments as a means to ward off the communal forest of illegal settlers. – Ofelia C. Empian