June 7, 2023

Jaywalkers in La Trinidad, Benguet will be penalized as the town starts to strictly implement the anti-jaywalking ordinance, which was passed in 2017.
The ordinance aims to regulate and prohibit random and uncontrolled access to public roadways by pedestrians and to prevent accidents associated with pedestrian and vehicle conflicts.
“Most pedestrian accidents occur when the pedestrian is attempting to cross the road. A range of solutions can help pedestrians to cross safely, including the provision of proper crosswalks and strict enforcement of ordinances to protect lives, limbs and property,” the ordinance reads.
The ordinance states it is unlawful for any person to cross a street outside the identified marked pedestrian crossing lanes; any person walking outside the sidewalk that causes inconvenience or obstructs the movement of vehicles; and any person walking at the center island of the road that hinders the passage of vehicles.
Other prohibited acts are that of any person crossing a street in disregard of traffic rules and regulations including hand signal by the traffic enforcer or traffic signal by electronic means; and those crossing a designated blue lane even when they are not senior citizens or persons with disability.
Pushing of carts of any kind, which impedes or hinder the free access of vehicles, is also prohibited.
Those caught violating the ordinance will be given warning and reprimanded for first offense while second offenders will be required to pay P500.
Third-time offenders will pay P1,500 and imprisoned for not more than three days at the discretion of the court.
The La Trinidad Traffic Management Board through the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station strictly enforces the ordinance. 
Mayor Romeo Salda, through the endorsement of the LTTMB, shall deputize additional civilian enforcers to assist in enforcing the ordinance. – Ofelia C. Empian