December 8, 2022

City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has returned unsigned the city council resolution urging business establishments selling food items to remove confectionery items at checkout counters in an effort to manage the tantrums of a child.
In his letter to the city council, the mayor said he disagrees with the basis of the council when it unanimously approved the resolution.
“The matter of managing a child’s tantrums rests more on the behavioral practices that should start at home. Otherwise, tantrums and other fits can be had anywhere or at any other time, not just while waiting near checkout counters,” Magalong said in his letter.
The mayor also pointed out that the council focused only on establishments like groceries and supermarkets but excluded sari-sari stores, which are also accessible to children.
Councilor Philian Allan, principal author of the resolution, defended the measure’s approval.
She said the resolution has two objectives: to deter children from consuming too much sugar and to help parents in dealing with their children who throw tantrums if they are not able to buy candies and other sweets displayed at checkout counters.
A report by the city council’s Public Information Office said Allan acknowledged that sweets are not the only triggers of toddler tantrums but also removing these items at checkout counters lessens the chance that children may misbehave inside the establishment.
She said the confectioners may be placed elsewhere inside the store, instead of checkout counters. – Rimaliza A. Opiña