February 1, 2023

Mayor Benjamin Magalong had a difficult bout with the Covid-19 and wants people to learn from his experience.

“It was a struggle for me. So the lesson to learn here is to not get infected. Do your best to protect yourselves and your families to avoid a similar experience,” the mayor said as he reported back to full time work last April 19. 

A lot of patients who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms may not have encountered severe symptoms or complications while fighting the virus, but not everyone was as lucky, as in the mayor’s case.

“It was very different from all the other illnesses that I had experienced,” the mayor recounted. 

He said he had a mild infection that did not progress to pneumonia or any lung infection, but the virus aggravated his rhinitis that triggered extreme pains.

The secondary bacterial infection affected his speech and caused migraines and required massive medication of antibiotics, anti-allergy, decongestants, and pain relievers.

The mayor said he also lost his senses of taste and smell and his appetite, had a bloated feeling and difficulty sleeping, and was easily tired.

Throughout his ordeal, he remained on home care.

Kulang ang hospital beds at marami ang nangangailangan. Ako naman mild (case) lang,” he said.

He reminded people to double efforts to guard against the virus especially with the presence of more transmissible ones.

“With the rate our infection is increasing, I suspect that the B.1.1.7 variant is now widespread in the city so please don’t let your guard down,” he said.

Health authorities said the minimum public health standards remain as the best weapon against contracting the disease: wear masks, wash hands, disinfect, avoid crowding, open windows, and stay home if you can help it. – Aileen P. Refuerzo