December 1, 2023

The city government and city officials are not making money out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong stressed this in reaction to claims the disease has become a money-making venture for the government and some city officials through the test requirements and isolation facility services.

The mayor said no one in the city government earns from the tests conducted either by the government or any private company as claimed.

“Testing was made a border requirement to ensure that all those coming into city are cleared of the virus. Travelers have the option to undertake their tests from their place of origin or here in the city through the private providers of RT-PCR or Antigen tests. We are not connected to these providers and there is no way we are profiting from them,” he said.

Magalong said the expanded testing program of the city government is one of the measures being done to identify Covid-19 carriers so they can be immediately isolated to prevent transmission and so they can be given medical attention to avoid serious symptoms or death.

The testing kits used for the expanded and contact tests are solicited by the mayor from the national government and private sector.

The city has not spent a single amount from its coffers for the tests, he added.

On claims that Covid-19 patients are being used to obtain more claims from PhilHealth, the mayor and City Health Officer Rowena Galpo said the city government applies for PhilHealth claims for the patients availing of the isolation facilities but it only claims what is due for the services rendered.

“It does not earn from these claims. In fact, the city’s total expenses incurred in caring for the isolated patients far exceeds the amount of claims it can collect from PhilHealth,” they said.

Galpo said the city allows the use of the facilities for free with provisions for three square meals, two snacks, limited supply of water, beddings, and medicines for mild symptoms (if needed) for the 14-day isolation.

“The PhilHealth claim amounts to P22,400 per patient, which is barely enough if you add everything up for the 14-day board and lodging, utility services, manpower, and other services,” Galpo said.

She said the city does not apply for claims for severe cases confined in hospitals and for patients on home isolation. – Aileen P. Refuerzo