March 23, 2023

Mayor Benjamin Magalong reiterated his call for parents not to risk their family’s health for the sake of going out as a result of the relaxed quarantine rules.
The mayor was reacting to observations that children were allowed to cavort in parks and amusement centers without wearing protective gears and observing distancing despite being in the presence of their parents.
“They are overjoyed they can finally go out but for what price? We are far from being virus-free and as parents, the responsibility of seeing to our children’s safety rests upon us,” the mayor said.
Upon the mayor’s instructions, the Permits and Licensing Division called the attention of the erring establishments to fine tune their policies to avoid a repeat of the incidents.
In easing up restrictions last Aug. 29, the mayor allowed families to go out but on condition that they be “mindful of the health standards and protocols.”
“If it is not essential, or if it is to an area where your family members may be exposed to risk of Covid-19 transmission, then let us err on the side of caution and just stay home,” the mayor said then.
“For clarification, our residents may go out to access essential goods and services or for purposes of work – even our senior citizens. But in keeping with previous advisories, greater care should be afforded to senior citizens and immuno compromised persons, to ensure that they have minimal exposure to health risks.”
He said relaxing the restrictions did not mean that the threat of the virus has diminished but that it had to be done for the city to “forge on by learning to live with the virus” and resume economic activities.  
He said the city will continue the calibrated move to the new normal with the cooperation of its residents.
“Please continue to be disciplined. When you are at home: wash your hands and change your clothes before you spend time with your family, disinfect your door knobs and other frequently touched surfaces in the home, and monitor each other for flu-like symptoms,” he reiterated.
“When outside, always wear your masks and shields properly, observe physical distancing, wash hands and disinfect regularly and avoid crowded and enclosed spaces and close conversations.” – Aileen P. Refuerzo