July 21, 2024

The median barriers will be set-upagain at main road in La Trinidad, Benguet as part of a 60-day experimental traffic scheme.
The experimental scheme was agreed upon by the Traffic Management Board as a means to ease traffic along Km. 5 to Km. 4, which is a bottleneck in the municipality.
Mayor Romeo Salda said the scheme was initially recommended by the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station.
Salda said the town’s TMB has agreed to install hard plastic median barriers along Km. 5 at the Jollibee area until Km. 3 at the Shell gasoline station. Designated pedestrian lanes would also be put up along the stretch of the road.
The scheme would be from Oct. 16 to Dec. 16.
“The advice of the Department of Public Works and Highways is that we use ropes and plastic barriers and not cement or metal so that in case there’s an accident, it would not be that harmful,” he said.
Salda said mounting of the median barriers was based from previous findings of the traffic task force that the scheme eases traffic in the town’s main thoroughfare.
“Before, there was no problem with the public utility jeepneys, however the business establishments in the area disagreed stating that the delivery trucks for their supplies are hard up in making a U-turn in the area,” he said.
Salda said they are also planning to put up an overpass in Km. 4 particularly at the Tiong San connecting the area going to the Senli Loy property. He said they had initial talks with the former who agreed with the plan. The LGU has yet to talk with the owners of the Senly Loy property.
The putting up of median barriers was first done in 2014 but it was discontinued due to complaints from various sectors. Salda said the proposed traffic scheme would be evaluated after 60 days. – Ofelia C. Empian