November 30, 2023

Dear Manang,
It is so painful to have a broken heart. My tears have not stopped since my boyfriend left for the province. He said he had to take care of his grandmother for a while and would rather not keep the relationship because he did not plan to return soon. He took up diesel engine tune-up course under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and he said while with his grandmother, he can repair cars and trucks. I work as a cashier in my grandmother’s cafe and I am also finishing my course in hotel management. How does this pain go away? I want to move on.
Claire of Mirador Hill, Baguio City

Dear Claire,
We cannot fully comprehend how the heart really hurts and aches when our emotions are affected. Our lives are our choices. Whatever we plan is what it will be. If we want to spread our wings and soar, we will enjoy the freedom. When we lie broken and weary, we will live in misery. They say to keep a healthy mental balance is to be happy and smile on the things that were joyful more than dwell on despair. Hotel management skills don’t jive with a rustic life unless you open a resto in the province to be with him. His skills can be useful anywhere. Maybe a little patience on your part will be a solution because grandmothers don’t live forever. If we believe in destiny, we have a glint of hope.
God’s will be done,

Dear Manang,
This Covid-19 pandemic is scary but what is scarier is losing our job if the company closes. I work in a factory in China. Our company has lost many international transactions and exports. Export orders have stopped too. We were asked to work in shifts and our work days reduced. I am not a citizen so I do not get government assistance. What do you think will happen? Where will I get money for my family in the Philippines?
Alex of Shanghai, China

Dear Alex,
We have no way of predicting how and when a vaccine will be developed for this virus. There are breakthroughs reported but maybe it is just to give us hope. Other doctors are saying this will last three months and will be resolved in three months. Right now, a lot of measures are being done to contain the spread of the virus. You are not alone in your worries. The virus is widespread. The only difference is that you are there and your family is here. If you were here, you would have options for work or business. It is up to us to remedy immediate needs. There is always a way we can handle this temporary situation.
Be your best,