July 19, 2024

Early pregnancy has many consequences. The young mother and the child she carries are predisposed to health problems.
The realization hits that not all who are into mid-adolescence are open-minded about practicing safe sex.
The Philippines is in the top 13 in the world population ranking and the highest rate in Asia.
Teenage pregnancy is a societal problem especially when due to lack of knowledge about its ramificiations, some view teenage pregnancy as a “blessing” or a “gift.”
To prevent early pregnancy, schools have introduced sex education to children starting from the age 10 to 11 until middle adolescence aging 18 to 19. But some hospitals nowadays provide supplements to avoid teenage pregnancy and citizens, especially parents agree on this kind of activity for minors to practice safe sex.
Have you watched journalist Sandra Aguinaldo’s documentary about the experiences of mothers who are about 13 to 15 years old?
Watching the documentary shattered my heart into pieces, knowing that day by day an infant is born in a harsh world.
Seeing them suffer at a young age and trying to survive for the baby is truly a testament of the strength and love of a mother.
Hearing all these stories angers me because due to lack of parenting, kids nowadays tend to be rebellious.
Why is it important to learn about teenage pregnancy at a young age? Because it is more significant to educate them about what sex is and that having a child at an early age is a lifetime responsibility.
Under the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, children should have comprehensive sexuality education beginning on the fifth grade. In fact, the number of young mothers in the Philippines is still increasing, so how can we stop it?
Perhaps, it is possible for us young people to be disciplined in our actions and be open-minded about things and actions we whould avoid.
We still have a lot to learn in life.
Parents should also be open-minded by being the first ones to educate their children about sex.
Always think first about the consequences of your actions and decisions in life.
You can’t do the things you used to do as a teenager.
Always think about the decisions you make in life.
In the end, they have parents that are always there and accept them no matter what mistake they’ve done.