February 9, 2023

Biosecurity measures remain crucial in the fight against African swine fever (ASF) with no vaccine yet to mitigate the disease.

In a bid to support the need to strengthen measures, the Bureau of Animal Industry through the Department of Agriculture’s Quick Response Fund facilitated the procurement of mobile disinfection unit turned over to the DA-Cordillera aimed to facilitate swift deployment to ASF affected areas.

The mobile disinfection unit may be requested and deployed to areas affected by transboundary animal diseases for disinfection purposes.

It will be stationed at the Baguio Animal Breeding Research Center.

Eradicating ASF remains challenging, threatening pig health and welfare pushing the DA-Cordillera through its Livestock Program and Regulatory Division to encourage the public to practice biosecurity measures.

Responsible for massive losses in pig populations and drastic economic consequences, ASF has become a major crisis for the swine industry recently. The disease is not only impeding animal health and welfare but has also detrimental impacts on biodiversity and the livelihoods of farmers. – Press release