June 3, 2023

I’ve seen a lot of posts about the National Heroes Day on social media since it is celebrated this month. The question, “Who is your hero?” makes me ponder what qualifies someone to be a hero. What qualities are required to be deemed a hero? What does it mean to be a hero?
Today’s heroes are only as good as one’s imagination. It is not necessary to have a superpower to be deemed a hero. A hero is defined as a person who is not selfish, who is genuinely good, and who commands our attention and effects change. Heroism can also be a daring act of determination motivated by the circumstances of the moment, such as when a person thinks about other people before thinking about themselves; will save other people; and has a positive attitude that makes a difference in the world.
Other times, what makes a person a hero is a series of actions in which a person recognizes a problem and is prepared to work hard to solve it. Our frontline workers, who are our modern-day heroes, come to my mind, namely our government officials, doctors, nurses, ambulance crews, police, military, teachers, firefighters, parents, grocery personnel, and many more. These modern-day heroes go beyond their call of duty to protect their community and country. The attributes that distinguish these frontline workers as our modern heroes are their commitment, bravery, and determination.
Despite the dangers posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, these modern heroes, like my brother, put their own safety and well-being aside everyday to assist and protect the people. Since the start of the pandemic, frontline workers have been coping with issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic and other disasters like the devastation caused by typhoons. Despite the danger, these frontline workers continue to do their jobs, devotedly and selflessly serving people and that is why they are rightfully referred to as modern-day heroes.
As we celebrate National Heroes Day and continue our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, let us honor, protect, and keep our modern-day heroes safe as well by always complying to the minimum public health standards as well as staying at home.
This pandemic may be today’s super enemy, but that doesn’t stop our modern-day heroes from performing their jobs effectively and working relentlessly for the people and our country.
We honor and applaud all of you for continuously putting your lives on the line despite the risks and uncertainty. Your efforts will always be remembered and appreciated. To our modern-day heroes, Happy National Heroes’ Day! (ROMA MAE B. VELASQUEZ)