December 9, 2022

Dear Manang,
Life is too short to mess up, is my take. I admire so many couples around me and want to give the wives the red badge of courage and purple hearts for endurance. I guess when wives have their own careers, they will be able to rise above the pettiness of husbands who are selfish and self-centered. Monogamous wives bring up the children of philandering husbands who are blessed with a home to come home to in their old age. I want to praise the women who loved themselves more through the hell. What do you think?
Dabel of Hillside, Baguio City

Dear Dabel,
Don’t speak too fast. They may seem strong to you but I am sure they have many hurts inside but have been able to deal with it. Many have given up or compromised values to last long. You must look closer, she is scarred. She doesn’t show it but there’s coldness to how she deals with him. Yes, the awards should be given but sit down with them sometimes, they need to be processed too. Be sweet to them.
Pray for them,

Dear Manang,
It seems to be the norm nowadays that there are relationships that are unusual. I have observed that one friend complains that they have not slept together since they were married. Although she doesn’t mind two rooms and he gives an allowance for her monthly and they are friends. The other friend got in the relationship late in life but doesn’t mind sleeping in the same bed. How can this be happy?
Laila of Apostol Street, Baguio City

Dear Laila,
I would think those are made in heaven and that’s when you say that they were meant to be. One knows anything is possible depending on wants. Many can be friends forever, that’s why they are and they exist. They want to preserve the dignity and respect, so they get married. But in truth just don’t want to lose the friendship and continue to do things together. It becomes dangerous when one is dishonest and doesn’t tell their real intentions. But, yes, these things are better than marriages with infidelity and anger.
Be happy for them,