September 30, 2023

The Baguio Flower Festival 2020 was launched recently with a theme, “Blooming through the years.”
It intends to project the metamorphosis of Panagbenga since its inception 25 years ago. But has Baguio really become a blooming city?
Going through the line-up of activities, there is nothing new. Highlighted are street dancing which is a customary rendition and parade of floats mostly participated by other places and companies that commercialize which are decorated with flowers bought elsewhere and which will wilt after the occasion and thrown away. And there is also a show of landscaped designs which are removed thereafter.
These are superficial displays. Note that the crowd that view the Panagbenga have dwindled over the years since there is monotony of activities which lack substance. What should be showcased are exceptional events, desirable customs and traditions, achievements, and indigenous products of the residents that portray the best of Baguio. There should be originality, creativity and innovativeness in the presentation.
To make Baguio bloom, the parks including the barangays must be put in a captivating scenery to entice visitors to keep on coming to appreciate the beauty of Baguio throughout the year.
Rebuilding the refreshing environment of Baguio is a sustainable tourism approach that could make Baguio globally competitive in having a wholesome paradise that always blooms. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City