December 8, 2023

I am among Baguio-born residents expressing my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the artistic endeavors of the various homegrown artists, residents and volunteers who painted the impressive “Pamana” mural on the retaining wall along Naguilian Road.
The world-renowned Cordillera Rice Terraces, as well as tribal traditions depicted in the mural, are just the beginning of more picturesque narratives portraying life in our beautiful Cordilleras.
There are tourists who have no opportunity to visit major tourists spots in our region due to time constraints, so a glimpse of these murals will give them an idea, for example, of the incredible ingenuity of our Cordillera ancestors in carving the world-famous Cordillera Rice Terraces into the mountains that clearly illustrate an amazing technological feat and breathtaking harmony with the environment.
In this regard, may I kindly request that other murals based on similar concepts be exhibited on the retaining walls located along Camp 8, below the Department of Health-CAR complex near the Baguio General Hospital, and Legarda Road below the Europa Condominiums, just to name a few.
May the group again provide our community with future visual gifts in the form of more “Pamana” murals showing religious rituals for rice planting, rice harvesting, rites of passage for the young, healing of the sick, beliefs in spirits and social events like weddings, tribal festivals, dances, games and other practices.
Congratulations and thank you to this laudable team for creating in Baguio City, the very first “Pamana” mural which represents a collective tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the Cordilleras. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City