November 30, 2023

BONTOC, Mountain Province – The province recognized its 73rd centenarian since 2015 – a resident of Barangay Gueday, Besao.

Gov. Bonifacio C. Lacwasan Jr., Vice Gov. Francis O. Tauli, Board Members Henry D. Bastian, Jr., Joshua B. Fronda and Ricardo M. Masidong, Jr., and other officials travelled to Besao on March 17 to personally award lola Malicay Sagulo Odlas who was born on Jan. 23, 1923.

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE’S 73rd CENTENARIAN — Ina Malicay Odlas of Barangay Gueday, Besao, Mountain Province received P50,000 and a plaque of recognition from Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan Jr. and sangguniang bayan members on March 17 at the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office in Besao. — PIA-CAR  photo

Garbed in her “gaboy” (traditional wrap-around skirt), lola Malicay received at the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office P50,000 cash incentive and a plaque of recognition from the provincial government.

Lola Malicay is also expected to receive P100,000 incentive from the Department of Social Welfare and Development under Republic Act 108680 or the Centenarians Act of 2016.

Still with sharp memory and hearing, lola Malicay said one of the probable reasons why she reached the age of 100 is the kind of food that she takes in.

“Ed kasin, nu men-uto kami umanay nan mantika ya asin. Kedeng di et nabiyag ak met. Edwani pay, adu nan aped mailal-laok isnan makan (Before, we only cook food with oil and salt. I survive using only those ingredients. Now, there are a lot of food additives),” she said.

The centenarian lola is blessed with five children and 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Jovy D. Agagiw, lola Malicay’s first grandchild, said her grandmother is hardworking and a strong woman, and has been a great help in taking care of her children.

“Ad kasin et adu nan awiten tusa. Adi ak maka awit san awiten tusa… adadu pay nan awiten na nu dakami. Ganon ka strong si lola Malikay. And then sha piman nan nang awawir san anan-ak ko.” (She could carry heavy loads before. I could not even carry what she can. That’s how strong lola Malicay was. She also took good care of the children,” Agagiw said.

Lola Malicay is the seventh centenarian of Besao to receive the recognition. She was conferred the award after fulfilling the requirements provided in Ordinance 92, s. 2015 as amended by Ordinance 315, s. 2018 and Ordinance 642, s. 2022. She is the first centenarian to receive the award with the amended ordinance. – Clienteast Van B. Totanes