July 23, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province remains vigilant against dengue by heightening the implementation of Oplan Taob, a community-wide cleanup program to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.

Following reports of 20 dengue cases from January to May in the municipality, the Municipal Health Office, Provincial Health Office, and rural health midwives, strengthened the Oplan Taob, one of the priority programs of the Department of Health to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds in the barangays.

The initiative is also implemented with the help of the barangay health workers (BHWs) and residents.

To eliminate mosquito breeding sites, BHWs and residents drain stagnant water that serves as potential mosquito breeding grounds.

Considering the distance of the houses and the weather, mosquitos are most likely to breed in areas that are not frequented by the residents.

Daniela P. Chumacog, a member of the barangay council, said they started the Oplan Taob in every house with the hope the residents will maintain and continue to do so.

In addition to Oplan Taob, residents are being advised to follow the 5S against dengue method and practice it in their own barangays.

This 5S stands for Search and destroy breeding places; Safe protection measures; Seek early consultation for fever lasting more than two days; Say yes to fogging when there is an impending outbreak; and Sustained Hydration.

While there are no reported cases as of June, maintaining cleanliness of the surroundings to prevent the spread of dengue is being advised. – Frances Jean Cogoy