March 24, 2023

Mountain Province Rep. Maximo Dalog Jr. and an Anglican bishop have joined other leaders in calling for swift justice for the death of anti-corruption advocate Salvador Liked, who was gunned down in Bauko town on Sept. 2.
Dalog, in a statement, has urged the authorities to maximize all possible means and efforts to bring to justice those behind the murder of Liked, who was a kagawad of Balintaugan and secretary general of the Citizen Crime Watch – Cordillera at the time of his death.
“It is our humble conviction that no man whatever his status and ways of life deserves to be murdered just like that. Whatever flaws he had in life does not justify the senseless killing and the rule of law should always prevail, if indeed, a man has committed any wrongdoing,” Dalog said.
The 44-year-old Liked and his anti – corruption group have filed a number of corruption cases against government officials and government employees before the Ombudsman, Commission on Audit and the Sandiganbayan.  
Following reports of alleged wrongdoings committed by Liked, Dalog claimed that everyone makes mistakes in life thus “no one has the right to judge and decide how a person’s life must end.”
The Mountain Province Provincial Police is still conducting follow up investigation on the matter such as studying ballistics to solve the crime.
The MPPPO stated in its earlier report the culprits cannot be identified at the time as it was dark and they were wearing bonnets.
The chief prelate of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines, Bishop Brent Alawas, in a statement, also extended his sympathies to the family of the victim and called on the government for a prompt investigation of the case.
Alawas was saddened that Liked, who is an active congregation member of the church, cannot be able to see the completion of the St. Martin’s Church building in Gotang which he negotiated and facilitated for the lot’s transfer to the EDNP.
He said Liked also raised funds and resources for the church as well as mobilized members to do voluntary work for its construction, which is now 90 percent complete. – Ofelia C. Empian