July 14, 2024

old for vaccination against measles, rubella, and polio at vaccination sites or health district clinics.

As of Nov. 25, data from the barangay vaccination sites through CHSO personnel Marie Joven showed a 75 percent accomplishment of targets, up from the 63 percent and 47 percent in recent weeks of the month-long activity.

Nearly 30,000 children in the city need to be vaccinated against measles-rubella, while more than 35,000 need to take in oral polio vaccine.

The health workers of Campo Filipino, Pinsao, Quezon and Quirino Hill, Lucban, Mines View, Atok Trail, Loakan, Asin, Scout Barrio, City Camp, Atab, Engineers Hill, Pacdal, Aurora Hill, and Irisan districts have immunized children in their respective areas after the activity was launched on Oct. 26.

Fixed vaccination posts were earlier used, but health workers are now knocking on doors to call on parents whose kids were not immunized to have their children vaccinated.

Measles-rubella and polio are vaccine-preventable diseases. Complications could be debilitating or result in life-long paralysis or death. – Julie G. Fianza