July 17, 2024

■  By Kath De Guzman, Charm Castillo, and Earl Urbano/UC interns

The rich history of Barangay Balsigan in Baguio City will soon be depicted in a mural to be completed by artists with the help of uniformed officers, barangay officials, and residents after it was launched on June 5 with Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr., also project convenor, gracing the event.

In his social media post, Yangot, who has initiated several mural and community painting projects, said the initiative is a creative collaboration and partnership with the people of Balsigan spearheaded by the barangay council, with the participation of the police and military volunteers, women’s groups, and the youth.

The barangay council consulted the community on the concept to be painted on the wall.

He said the “magnificent” brothers, Joseph and Howard Domirez, will be with the volunteers in this monumental mural project.

“We hope Richard will follow suit. Also, the super talented art residents and Sin-agi artists Margie, Dhylan, Karylle, and Pauleen along with Jonard, McNeri, Robert, and Rommel will be with us in this community-driven creative initiative,” Yangot said.

“We will work in synchrony with the Balsigan creative talents. We welcome everyone who would like to take part and contribute towards the realization of this project,” he added.

Yangot also shared he has sentimental feeling for the project, as he grew up in the San Vicente, Balsigan, and Puliwes neighborhood.