July 24, 2024

There are entrances we frequently disregard because of our prejudices, disinterest, or perhaps we are occupied with other things, making it our least priority. However, an opportunity may usher us to an opening of a time machine.
Despite the fact that museums are designed to be a niche for culture, arts, and history in all forms, I noticed a few names in logbooks during my visit to several local galleries. These locations appear to be underrated. Its significance, however, remained unaffected by society’s attention.
Museums are notable in conserving artefacts, relics, and manuscripts of history as visual confirmation of the past. The vintage items testify years of advancement in the life of human beings. These places are remarkable alley of arts and stories. It paves aisles for local artists to display their masterpieces.
The diverse tapestries from Cordillera are shown in one of Baguio’s museums. Every piece of clothing are hand-woven by local tailors. Their attention to detail is extraordinary, as evidenced by the intricate details, minuscule outlines, and distinctive designs. Each tapestry has a certain purpose and should not be worn at any moment. There are specific details for weddings, trappings during prayer for good harvest, the unique weaving lines and colors for the kadangyan or wealthy people, and the explicit feature for the fabric used for the dead people.
Museums are awe-inspiring passages for an in-depth learning about our origins. It could also be a favorable window for escape from the chaotic grind and plans. These places are serene and could be an impeccable vent for mind retreat. The old to contemporary masterpieces exhibit unwritten narratives to be read solely by our mind and hearts, which can teach us beautiful lessons in life.
When seeing museums, hurry not; seize your time. The more we examine and contemplate the displays, the more we appreciate the process as we learn more about the items and their antiquity. The more we study the arts, the better we understand the artist, and the more we fathom the story. Allow the door of these galleries to remain open by breathing in and warming its inside. Choose and pen them down on your travel catalogs. (JEMIMA V. WAYAN)