September 26, 2023

In a few days, another year begins. Many are excited because New Year brings positive thoughts in the mind. Everyone is hopeful that the coming year would be a better one.
Before the year ends, let us reflect on the things that happened in our lives. Surely, there were good as well as bad ones. The positive happenings were blessings from God so we must thank Him. The negative ones brought disappointments and pains but these made us strong. Moreover, sometimes these transpired because of wrong decisions and choices. Thus, we must learn from them.
I experienced trials in life this year. I was operated on the throat. My son was infected by dengue. My uncle died suddenly. The cause of his death remained unknown because I did not insist on reporting the incident to authorities for investigation. My conscience bothers me but I cannot bring back time. Leaving everything to the Lord is my last resort.
These challenges taught me moral lessons. I learned that I must take care of my health and be cautious. The death of my uncle made me realize that I need to become brave and to always think logically.
Despite the trials, I still consider 2019 as a good year. I was able to cope with all the trials that came my way. God also showered me with lots of blessings. I am also thankful for my 39 years of existence on Earth which I will celebrate on December 30.
New Year marks the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s life. Each of us is looking forward for positive changes in our lives. But our wish for a brighter year would not come into reality unless we will act upon it.
Year after year, many of us want to renew our lives but we always fail because we do not exert effort to achieve it. So, what then are we going to do to attain the changes we badly want?
Psychologists say that people can renew their lives by setting realistic goals, planning carefully the steps to be undertaken in order to attain those goals and strictly carrying out the plans. Changing bad attitudes is also important because they can hinder in achieving our goals. We also need to work hard and strengthen our faith in God.
As we welcome 2020, may each one of us be filled with happiness, love, and hope. May the spirit of the New Year inspire us to strive harder to obtain a more productive and meaningful life.