September 28, 2023

The New Year brings new hope to everyone.
Every New Year’s eve, at our little nook at Camp 7, we excitedly anticipate the moment when the old year is over and the new year begins as soon as the clock strikes 12.
Fireworks lit the sky as our neighbors try to outdo each other in the field of pyrotechnics and while the guns are silent in Navarone brought about by the nationwide firecracker ban.
Only the gleeful shouting of Ysa, Tatan, Enzo, and Betchay, and the usual screams of Menggay makes up for what would have been a silent night.
Then the clock strikes 12 and 2021 has ended and it swept away people, places, events, sorrows and joys and plenty of memories. 2022 is here, a new one is on its way.
Life was difficult for two years. Family had its ups and downs and all is not really well but in God’s time, everything would fall into place.
The challenges remain but I guess prayer and more of it and a belief in a God above would make us lead a life of peace and reconciliation from within.
Thank God for family and friends for being there, holding our hands and saying “We are here. Everything will be okay.”
As Napoleon Bonaparte said when he bid his troops farewell, “I love you all but I cannot embrace you all.” Ang dami n’yo but maraming maraming salamat po. Dios ti agngina apo!
Paraphrasing “Desiderata,” despite all the sham and drudgery, it still is a good world out there.
Life would be better in 2022. Shout with joy and hope for a new beginning like a rooster crowing.
Hope that this country would be a better place to live in especially for the children, a place in the hearts and minds of its people.
Hope for the best for each other and wisdom for those who lead us, that they may cross political boundaries and personal gain for an honest to goodness desire and dedication to serve and uplift our people.
Hope that the year would be filled with prosperity, abundant love, laughter, magic, happiness and dreams coming true.
Hope of making something out of nothing, of being loved and liked and loving and liking people as well.
Hope of caring, kindness and wisdom.
Hope of new ideas, dynamics and actions and trying them, learning, living, pushing for them, changing ourselves, changing our world – doing something, anything for our fellowmen.
Hope of being kind to ourselves, to forgive us and to forgive others in the process.
Hope to give to others, helping the underprivileged and the marginalized.
Hope to reach out, to understand, to bond and hug, smile, and wink.
It’s a new year and with it comes a fresh start for life anew. Walk into the dark without fear and step into the unknown with smiles on our faces.