July 24, 2024

LITERALLY TRANSLATED AS: “What now..?” this expression of ours today has so many applications. e.g. “so, what can be done about this now?” or, “see the consequences now? I told you so!” or even: “there’s nothing more to be done now; it (the error) is consumated.. so, are we resolved to learn from our lessons?” et cetera. But
LET US ANCHOR our discussion on the application last said Supra: it is done; no turning back; but are we self-convinced to improve from our sad experience despite?” A situation-example is in order:
THERE WAS A man – from our own ranks. At early age, he showed those signs of little initiatives and leadership e.g. he organized his age-mates into ball game clubs – Volleyball and Basketball, and coordinated with other barangays for some ‘youth ‘tournaments’; he lobbied for small projects like repair of old hanging bridges and had his team-mates work on these, by minimum wage terms, and so forth.
IN THAT MODUS, he was growing up and earning pats on his shoulders. One day, he surprised his folks: he was already the Vice-Mayor of his town! Was he in a ‘succeeding’ capacity – or, was he appointed? I cannot this time exactly recall. But
THAT WAS THE start of his colourful career. Later, he was elected as Mayor, and much, much later, as Provincial Board Member. But going back to the time he was Mayor, he caused on influenced the Construction of two landmarks: a local general Hospital and a comprehensive High School. Now, join me to salute him:
“AMA, TAP NAKIRIOS ka mala, we salute thee and remember thee, for these you have given and left to us: we now savour and enjoy these lasting gifts! Amen.” (He is now in Heaven, God rest his soul, GRHS). Another situation-example.
ALMOST TO BECOME a priest he was – but moved by the Sights of his own folks – near and faraway kin, he chose to directly serve his own co-roots, as they were needing an immediate speaker, a vigorous leader, and a well-foundationed articulator against – impending problems, issues, and jeopardies. First, he ran for Barangay Captain, but
HE WAS NOT taken in (– some observers claim: even by some of his clan-mates, for reasons obvious only to themselves). The observers further say this fact is evidenced by Kantiyaws (teasings) they hear from his kin. But
HE WAS UNFAZED by his first defeat. He ran next election for MUNICIPAL Councilor and landed 3rd! And next election, he was elected Mayor. Completing his first term, he ran for a second term, but lost.
AND NEXT, BECAUSE of political ‘adjustments’, agreements, and lining up, he ran for Governor but lost. That was his last public try. He didn’t say anything like “Goodbye, politics!” or so, but many observers say he has distanced himself meanwhile and now prefers to concentrate on his job as a Consultant of some firms. But going back to the time
WHEN HE WAS Mayor, don’t people say he caused the Construction of a covered court in one Barangay, as well as the vehicle Bridge in another? And further, that you did not see an uncleared part of the roads in his municipality – because the slides were immediately responded to, by his crew who were on ‘Stand-by’ monitor on these?
THE LAST FOCUS he was doing before the expiration of his term, was to ‘eradicate Gambling’ – of all forms in his municipality. But alas! he was met – in some instances with ‘Civil Disobedience’ by those against his drive claiming that their form of Play was either ‘Parlour’ or else, traditional – as in the instance of card-games or play during wakes, i.e, to keep the vigilers awake.
BUT ‘IMPRINTS’ ALL the aforesaid he did, ad he is loved and often fondly-mentioned for those – when citings and narrations in gatherings and discussions come.
WHY HE WAS not voted for during his last two most recent Trys – as well as his subsequent Distancing from public view, elicits in the observer the public question: Nganto ma..? (n.b. please refer to par. 1, Supra.)
“WHAT NOW.. IF he has already decided to switch to other ventures.. do we have someone else like him to continue what he had started?” Or
“SUPPOSE HE COMES back to run for the third (or last?) time political, are we ready to have him back? Or, are we giving him ‘one more’ chance?” Nganto ma..?
YES! NGANTO MA.. What, in case.. what may your answers be, as of now? Or, is it too difficult for each one of us to ponder on that basic Question? If at all, that is it, Nganto ma..?
IN SUM, THE man ‘from our own ranks’ we have first cited (and again GRHS), and this second one – they had demonstrated during their respective incumbencies: their utmost capacities to serve, their dedication to Duty, their love and attachments.. from where they were sprung.
TO HAVE THESE at their disposal, they went to school and trained for many years; so they could respond to us, their home folks. Look around now and try to find one like them. If you cannot visualize any, Nganto ma..?