July 16, 2024

Nutrition practitioners now have an online library of information to guide them in pursuing their mandate to make children healthy.
The National Nutrition Council-Cordillera recently launched the “Nutri Abung (house)” Facebook page.
“Abung” is a virtual room where nutrition-related reference documents, records, and files are uploaded by the NNC-Cordillera and members for easy access by individuals working on nutrition programs .
Rita Papey, Nutrition Program Coordinator for the Cordillera, said the FB page is like a “filing cabinet and library” where nutrition information resources can be seen, shared, and even conduct conversations to enhance coordination, monitoring, and capacity building.
“It also serves as a chat room where conversations among members take place and where reports and documents can be submitted and received,” she said.
She said the FB page is a private group with nutrition action officers, district and city nutrition action officers, barangay nutrition scholars (BNS), regional nutrition technical assistants on nutrition, NNC-Cordillera staff, and other relevant functions with nutrition concerns.
“We can no longer do face to face activities with this pandemic but work on nutrition has to go on, thus the creation of the page to continue providing information to nutrition implementers and practitioners,” Papey said.
“With Nutri Abung, we can continue connecting and even with better efficiency with each other for capacity building, monitoring, and coordination,” she said.
The FB page targets the more than 2,300 barangay nutrition scholars who have FB accounts.
“It is our objective that at least 90 percent of the target members who are nutrition action officers, district nutrition program coordinators, and RTANs and at least 30 percent of BNS become members of the Nutri Abung,” Papey said.
Papey said they hope to reach all nutrition workers by the end of the year through their FB page. – PNA