July 13, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The  Kalinga State University has installed a fabricated ‘touch-free’ hand wash rack at its main gate to disinfect employees and other persons entering  the  main campus.

KSU President Eduardo T. Bagtang said this innovation is another product of KSU’s joint venture with the Department of Science and Technology.

Instead of a faucet, a footpad is pressed for water to flow. This way, any possibility of virus transferred through the hand is prevented, Bagtang said.

KSU provided ordinary available materials while DOST fabricated the wash rack, Bagtang said.

The unit is placed near the security guard to ensure everybody washes their hands before entering.

Bagtang said the project may look simple but its use this time of the pandemic is very significant.

 KSU is planning to come up with more units for use by its other field campuses and to any interested stakeholder, Bagtang said. – Larry Lopez