July 18, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province – To raise awareness and inculcate health and nutrition habits among children at an early age, the Municipal Health Office conducted cooking and nutri song contests in celebration of this year’s Nutrition Month at the Municipal Capitol auditorium.

In the cooking contest participated in by the parents of obese, overweight, underweight, and stunted children, participants have to come up with affordable, nutritious and delicious food. Also, the recipes they have to cook and serve should pass the taste of picky toddlers. It should also feature food in the community.

Barangay Gonogon represented by Aida Mangodang emerged as the champion with her recipe banana blossom with chicken and mixed vegetables. She will receive a cash prize of P8,500.

Barangays Alab Proper and Alab Oriente represented by Phoebe Og-an and Cherie Claire Longao was second place with their recipe langka with peanut. They will receive a cash prize of P6,500.

Barangay Bontoc Ili represented by Pebbles Verdadero with her recipe monggo with sotanghon and buchi as dessert landed in third place. She will receive a cash prize of P5,500.

Barangay Talubin represented by May Ann Bawiyan is the fourth place with her recipe chicken sisig and will receive a cash prize of P4,500.

The dishes were judged based on criteria of 20 percent overall acceptability/palatability, 30 percent nutritional value, 15 percent originality, 15 percent ease of preparation, 10 percent cost of efficiency, and 10 percent overall presentation. 

In the nutri song contest, participants are from Barangays Bontoc Ili, Dalican, Maligcong, and Samoki.

The song entries must be recorded in MP4 video format with subtitles. Entries should bear the 2022 Nutrition Month Theme, “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon”.

The entries were judged on 50 percent message of the song, 20 percent musicality, 20 percent use of indigenous melody, and 10 percent creativity, and overall performance.

 Barangay Dalican came in first place, second place is Maligcong, third place is Bontoc Ili, and fourth place is Samoki. They will receive cash prizes of P4,000; P3,000; P2,000; and P1,000, respectively.

Winners in the cooking and nutria song contests will also receive certificates of recognition.

The judges are Municipal Health Officer Diga Kay Gomez, Administrative Officer V Zenith Rose Dalog, and Municipal Tourism Officer Caren Guinayen. – Alpine K. Malwagay