July 23, 2024

A city health official appealed to Baguio residents to be honest in filling up information sheets, logbooks, and other documents provided by government offices and business establishments to ensure speedy tracing of the close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 patients.
Dr. Donable Tubera Panes, head of the infectious disease cluster of the City Health Services Office (CHSO), said that residents should provide the correct information in the forms and documents that they are being required to fill out because it will provide the local and national health offices with the accurate data on Covid-19 patients and their close contacts.
She said that residents should not blame local and national health offices on the discrepancies on the data of Covid-19 cases because the information actually comes from the individuals filling up the forms or logbooks.
She said that in the case of the city, contact tracers experienced having a difficult time in locating the whereabouts of some Covid-19 patients and their close contacts because the information provided in the forms and logbooks that they filled out are not accurate.
Panes said among the wrong data provided by the people on the information sheets are erroneous addresses, incomplete contact numbers, unreadable name of barangays, and the non-placement of their actual addresses that make it difficult to trace the confirmed case and their close contacts.
She said contact tracers encounter difficulties in ensuring the isolation of confirmed cases because of the wrong information that individuals have provided in their information sheets.
She said by having the correct information, contact tracers will be able to easily locate the patients or their close contacts and immediately isolate them or subject them to quarantine.
She added that there were also instances when they called up the supposed patient and found out that the provided number in the information was not their correct contact number.
Panes called on residents to provide the correct information on the sheets and other documents that they are being required to fill out to help ease the burden of contact tracers in locating their whereabouts when they test positive for the Covid-19 or if they are the close contact of a confirmed case. – PIO release