June 2, 2023

City officials encouraged the Baguio City Public Library to extend its services to the 128 barangays and providing tutoring services for grade school and high school students for reading comprehension improvement.
Under Resolution 550, s. 2022, the city council stated volunteer students who are willing to tutor pupils and students who want to improve their reading comprehension, or those who want to understand more their subjects, can be tapped.
The resolution added their respective schools and universities should be encouraged to give the volunteer student tutors academic incentives such as, but not limited to, additional points to improve their grades, additional points to help them pass their missed requirements, or to compensate for their tardiness or absences.
During the Scout Officials for-a-Day (Sofad) the Sofad Council adopted the proposal of Sofad Councilor Jenky A. Bagayong, which encouraged all barangays to provide their respective libraries or reading corners to accommodate tutoring services for grade school to high school students with low reading comprehension and tapping volunteer students to be tutors in exchange for academic incentives.            
The council admitted there are innumerable pupils, students, out-of-school youth (OSY), and other youngsters who are very much willing to learn and improve their reading comprehension skills, or other academic pursuits but do not have the nearby facilities to accommodate them.
Ordinance 16, s. 2021, which modernized and expanded the services of the Baguio City Public Library and allocating funds for the said purpose was further reinforced by Executive Order 137, s. 2021, which bears the same title and are already in full force and effect.          
To extend further attainment of the provisions of this legislation and executive order, the council added more students and learners would benefit if the services of the Baguio City Public Library is extended to the barangays, thus, would help improve and promote efficient and effective education system in the city.
According to the council, providing reading corners or libraries in the barangays would best serve the purposes of the said legislations and may also be utilized as a space for tutoring services for youth and students who want to improve their reading comprehension skills. – PIO release