June 5, 2023

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and na-tays out there.
During this once a year celebration of Father’s Day, Eddie Fisher’s song reverberates, “Oh, my papa, to me he was so wonderful. Oh, my papa, to me he was so good. No one could be, so gentle and so lovable…”
I am sure a lot of us have fun memories with our fathers, our husbands, and all the lovely people who take the role of tatay. My daughter and sons would reminisce on how their dad put them on his shoulders while walking, held their hands when undergoing important events like surgeries, illness, school programs, etc. I can still remember how my husband taught my two sons how to box and evade punches which they were able to put to use later on and the happy play moments.
What about you? What are your lovely memories of you fathers? It’s June again and I’m sure the brides have some wonderful recollections of their special day with dad. What about young debutants? The dance with their fathers on debuts and weddings.
During this quarantine time brought about by the Covid-19, what have you done for dear papa? Have you prepared something that he likes? Or bought him one special gift? And for the papas out there, do you remember the poignant moments with your children?
Most of all, during this time of tribulation, we call on the greatest father of all, our Father in heaven to protect, to guide and to bless us. Maybe it’s time also to remember some amazing fathers of the Bible like: Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, and St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. We might have been engrossed in fear that we sometimes forget that the great physician is around us and holds us in His protective arms.
I give tribute to all fathers. But today, allow me to thank the one father who had given me direction in life, and that is my husband Ed. He had been a role model to my sons Nash and Deke and daughter Reggie.
Today, I see the same sweetness and care from my son giving to his son Eli and wife Jackie. My heart warms up and pounds with joy when I see the gentleness in the way my son carries his son, the way he talks and plays with him and the way he disciplines him. Love transcends all. It cannot be captured by images in pictures. It is overwhelming. No wonder Gregg Braden says, the “heartmath” can be a source of healing power. We are all interconnected. Our little bundle of joy is growing up to such a happy, intelligent, and contented baby.
Happy Father’s Day to all cousins, friends, relatives, nephews, and uncles. May this day bring you more love, joy, and happiness amid the pandemic. Happy birthday too to uncle Nito Bogayong and Gen. Juan Gonzales.

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