September 30, 2023

AKIN TO OUR earlier discussions of (G)wara y nan Da-sheb! (Supra), this EXPR On peddo! relates as well to the occurrences of: sudden rains, or strong and windy rains (while – none in nearby or adjacent areas), rains with hail, Danti – only in spot areas amidst sunny or calm weather in surrounding locations.
WITH THIS SIMILARITY however, there obtain some dissimilarities, to wit: firstly,
IN ON PEDDO!, no deed is done yet; while in (G)wara y nan Da-sheb!, It is presupposed that the blameful deed has already been consummated.
[GRAMMATICALLY, ON PEDDO! is in the Simple Present, or else, in the Future Tense; while ~Nan Da-sheb! is in the Past tense. Its Present or Future Tense is man Da-sheb]! Secondly,
ON PEDDO! COULD be both applied – in would-be possible, factual, plain commission of such acts or deeds; and, as well: metaphorically, i.e. with additional and/or different semantic imports.
FOR EXAMPLE, IF a friend ‘butters’ you about your little son by saying: ‘this son of yours is handsome, maybe someday he’ll make it to the movies, co-madre?’ And you cut her by saying:
“ON PEDDO! STOP that, please. He’s yet small, and good looks aren’t the only criteria, et cetera.” [Though in your heart, you know and you’re somewhat overjoyed: that comment is not a total impossibility]. But
IF TAKEN IN the metaphorical sense, you, the mother, are saying: ‘good looks is not the only asset to stardom; besides, there are other aspirants of equal or better features near where the films are made; and so, my son may as well not think of aspiring for that when he grows up; therefore, please stop saying it, or it may rain,’ etc., or: ‘On peddo!’
BESIDES THE TWO afore-cited dissimilarities of On peddo! and ~nan Da-sheb!, there may be others. But back to: On peddo!
AS GLEANED FROM our second example-application of the two mothers and about the son of one of them, On peddo! may function well as a mere expression to substitute for the ‘direct’ versions, or expressions, like:
‘YOU’RE BANKING ON the impossible’; or, ‘you’re not serious, are you?’ or, ‘There you go again!’ And so on.
IT IS ONE Indirect (yet ‘refined’) way of saying: ‘stop it, will you?’ or, ‘Hold it right there!’, even: ‘Don’t do it; nor say it!’ or, simply: ‘Don’t!”
BECAUSE – IF ONE insists, continues, etc., to think about it – or later do it, ah, woe: On peddo! Ergo, it is always best to stay on the other side of On peddo! Ain’t that right?
ON THE MUCH lighter side, let’s give you one practical example: (note: a relayed story; so, maybe it happened, in fact)?
MAPOSSI POSH – A jeepney driver approached Diana – a co-teacher and friend of Caroline. Let’s listen closer:
‘DIANA-INSAN(COUSIN), this will be the 10th time I’ll beg you: please bridge me over again to Caroline. She’s my only choice’. And Diana said:
PLEASE BE COUNSELED sane, I beg you too. Ag am amiris ka Koma. You have two other rivals: a pilot and our co-teacher. Be a good man, don’t insist. Nahulni – (or else) On peddo! And Mapossi just bowed his head.
IN THE NEXT few weeks – and months, Mapossi was frequently seen visiting the Teacher’s Quarters. One day,
MANY GOT SURPRISED: Caroline, announced to her colleagues: she was finally going to be wed – to the man she really loves, and that is Mapossi.
DIANA AND THE other co-teachers were there on that September morning: wedding day – it did not rain. Ayo, Ayo, Ino!

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