November 26, 2022

Food and Drug Administration Director-General Eric Domingo said only 0.0017 percent of the 13.8 million fully vaccinated individuals got infected with the Covid-19.
Domingo said the percentage is equivalent to 242 cases out of the 13.87 million fully vaccinated individuals.
He said these patients got infected more than two weeks after they received their second dose.
“Where do you stand? More individuals could get sick if we’re not vaccinated against Covid-19,” Domingo said.
He emphasized the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks and vaccines are effective and critical tools to control the pandemic.
“It is important to complete the two doses. In fact, the drastic improvement in getting Covid-19 and dying from Covid-19 happens when you complete the two doses,” he added.
Out of the 33.3 million jabs administered, Domingo said about 0.18 percent of vaccine recipients had suspected adverse reactions.
“All in all, the AEFI reports are very low percentage, pare-pareho halos na mga 0.05 to 0.1 percent and medyo may pinakamaraming (they’re the same with almost 0.05 to 0.1 percent and the one with most) AEFI reporting is the AstraZeneca, 0.5, half of one percent meaning one out of 200 Filipinos who were injected with AstraZeneca felt body aches, pain in the injection site, fever for maybe a day,” Domingo said.
He added only 0.006 percent of the AEFI reports were classified as a serious adverse reaction. – PNA