July 25, 2024

The classroom is a safe haven for our children to learn, play, and socialize. They are taught knowledge and theories. But beyond the enclosures, there are other venues where students can gain more as they advance in their education.
Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are vital part of a child’s learning. Every year, students are advised and encouraged to join in the different activities, whether these competitions are school, district, division, regional or national level. Whatever they learn in these extra-curricular activities might not be learned inside the classroom.
During these events, students are not just taught about the ins and outs of the competition, not just about the application of the theories they gained from the books, but most importantly it teaches them character building – sportsmanship, humility, and patience, among other virtues.
In these activities, children are able to meet students from other schools and build good friendship, achieving healthy competition. Sometimes, they will experience hurt or pain because they lose in the contest but with their coaches’ guidance, they will learn to accept defeat.
However, we cannot deny that there are still challenges or issues that need to be addressed. It is an assurance that the quality and efficiency of educating our students off-campus are not sacrificed because we closely abide by Department of Education Order 66, s. 2017.
As teachers, we continuously inspire our students to do more. We urge them to always think outside the box, that they may be prepared for what’s outside the real world. We believe that as they go out of their comfort zone, they will understand that “reality” exists especially now that many of our kids are wrapped up in the virtual world.
A good partnership among parents and teachers is another factor necessary in the victory of our learners. We must understand that joining a competition is already an achievement, which is why appreciating the kid’s effort at home is significant in building their confidence.
Students should not hesitate to join extra-curricular or co-curricular events. The world is wide and is waiting to be explored. You can do it.