July 14, 2024

This refers to the Courier’s story titled: “DPWH says P38B needed for Kennon Road repair.” Are they not ashamed to “boast” about their incompetence?
To rehabilitate means to help somebody return to normal life, (meaning the sick), restore a place to its former condition.
Even a high school student knows the meaning of the word.
Anyone, especially a psychologist and civil engineers of the Department of Public Works and Highways who are not yet eaten by the corrupt and dishonest system in the agency and who had been passing through Kennon Road before and after the earthquake and today’s close-open situation will categorically say that it is the DPWH that needs emergency rehabilitation.
Kennon Road does not need a flood control system because the river runs along a gorge. But this new breed of civil engineers at the DPWH want to erase the engineering wonder how the Kennon Road was built without modern construction equipment.
I wrote the Department of Budget and Management, including Sen. Panfilo Lacson informing them that the proposed funding for Kennon Road repair is absolutely a waste of government funds.
There are more noble and useful projects which these “advocates” of super government funding for Kennon Road can corrupt.
I can prove that there are numerous multi-million corrupted projects concerning the rehabilitation of Kennon Road that the DPWH wants to hide from the public. This is a conspiracy to defraud the government of funds – funds which could be used for moral projects for the Cordillera region.
I hope and pray that President Rodrigo Duterte will realign these funds into more useful projects such as the installation of solar-powered center studs and solar-powered lamp posts in all national roads in the region. — JUNIPER DOMINGUEZ, Sabangan, Mountain Province