November 29, 2023

City Environment Parks and Management Office head Rhenan Diwas has recommended a P6 million annual budget starting 2023 for various programs preserving trees in the city.
Recommended programs to preserve trees include tree surgery, pruning, trimming, topiary; and prevention of beetle infestation.      
The recommendation resulted from the legislative monitoring and evaluation status report on council Resolution 138, s. 2014, which urged the Cepmo to intensify measures in the preservation of Baguio trees.
The 2014 resolution brought forth the Baguio City Urban Forestry Management Plan with operation approved through Council Resolution 616, s. 2021.
The Urban Forestry Management Plan, covering 2021 to 2030, aims to improve the quality of life of the current and future generations through environmental revitalization.
The management plan shows the present condition and importance of green architecture and trees in the urban environment.
Ongoing projects are the GIS-based forecasting pest of pine trees and a study of beetle infestation on pine trees at the arboretum, Botanical Park, and Wright Park.
The study on pine tree infestation is undertaken by the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau-Watershed and Water Resources Research Development and Extension Center and the Cepmo.   
On the other hand, tree surgery for sick tree parts is done through filling of cavities and strengthening of branches by braces.
The Busol Watershed Management Plan and GIS tree inventory are ongoing.
Tree nurseries in Busol Watershed and Botanical Garden are developed with the construction of green houses, access road, and perimeter fence.
The city also conducts annual tree trimming and pruning in parks by assigned parks and forestry personnel.
Diwas also requested an additional P5M from the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office for the tree management program. – Julie G. Fianza