March 20, 2023

Reigning ONE strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio has affirmed he remains the king of the division after being called out by the brash American ve-teran fighter Jarred Brooks.
The 28-year-old Brooks has challenged Pacio after he dominated fourth-ranked Hiroba Minowa of Japan in one of the main cards of ONE: Only the Brave in Singapore on Jan. 28.
“Daddy’s home, Joshua Pacio. You better be ready. I’m bending you over my knee just like I did to Hiroba. I’m ready, man. Nobody’s going to beat me in this division, not Booking (Masunyane) not you,” Brooks said in a post-fight interview.
Brooks also warned he will challenge in the future the top contenders in the flyweight division, which is currently reigned over by world champion Adriano Moraes of Brazil.
In response to Brooks’ challenge, the soft-spoken Pacio said he is not threatened by the American fighter, adding he remains the king of the division.
He also warned Brooks that he has not fought someone like him, who is a known tactician inside the ONE circle and having defeated some of the world-class grapplers and strikers.
“Brooks will only feel the pressure when he is fighting with me,” Pacio said, as he agreed with fans that the American is employing psychological warfare on his future opponents.
Pacio also claimed his full potential as a fighter has not been unleashed yet, reason why those criticizing him have to patiently wait what he will showcase in his future fights.
The Kankana-ey fighter has defeated former world champions such as Yoshitaka Naito, Yosuke Saruta, and Alex Silva, who remain some of the best fighters in the world. – Harley F. Palangchao