December 2, 2023

Dear Manang,
This coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19) is not good for people like me who are paranoid. I cleaned my house with bleach and water even if there are only two people in my house who don’t go out. I suddenly felt pain in my joints and thought that it was a flu symptom. It was just because I wiped the inside of my house for three days. I started sneezing and coughing and also thought it was part of the virus, I realized all the dust that I encountered while cleaning was the cause. This is me but what about the other people?
Terri of Happy Homes, Baguio City

Dear Terri,
It is your mental health that needs diversion. How we think is the more important part of this crisis. As they are posting on social media, keep busy so you don’t dwell on death, pain, and negative thoughts. Stop spreading negative news. This is the time to do gardening and crafts. Don’t you think that God slowed down man in this lockdown? Even in prayer, we must be more thankful that we are alive and ask for the salvation from this disease. We ask for blessings for the frontliners who continue to work with this unseen enemy. We must make our minds free from negative ideas. We are almost halfway in the quarantine, a few more steps and we will all have contributed to fighting this virus.
Stay positive,

Dear Manang,
My mother is ill and I am worried that I might not be able to bring her to the hospital in case she needs hospital care. I am also a senior citizen who tends to her needs. I can’t leave her in the house alone and our supplies are running low. What do I do?
Nick of Dominican Hill, Baguio City

Dear Nick,
You make it sound like there is no help available in this crisis. The emergency numbers are still working. The ambulances are available to bring patients to the hospitals. But I do not recommend for you to bring your mother for hospital care these days because most are on red alert for Covid-19 patients. There are food hotlines and delivery hotlines on social media if you need service. The barangay officials are roaming to check on needs. If you have friends with private cars, that’s an option too. You will find help, just ask.
Don’t panic,