July 15, 2024

The City Environment and Parks Management Office has issued wellness passes to 300 fitness enthusiasts in Burnham Park and Athletic Bowl. 

Cepmo Head Rhenan Diwas also said the office issued passes to 500 individuals who applied to do their exercise routines along South and Outlook Drive, reflection pool across The Mansion, Wright Park, and Marcos Highway, among the other venues.

Diwas said he inspected the jogging venues on May 19 and saw only 20 joggers and two zumba groups at Burnham Park.

He said the number of bikers along South Drive and those using other city roads is minimal.

The Cepmo has also launched an online registration for those who want to apply for wellness passes to prevent queuing or crowding at the Cepmo. 

Diwas said the office will craft guidelines for non-contact and other sports played at the Athletic Bowl.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has tasked City Buildings and Architecture Office Head Johnny Degay to look at the possibility of installing kiosks to be used by vendors selling food at Burnham Park.

Magalong said a vendors’ cooperative should be established in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment to ensure that the food products sold at the park are hygienic and are well-packaged.

Magalong agreed to the recommendation to allow sports and music stores to operate at least three days a week. – Julie G. Fianza