September 30, 2023

The Baguio Midland Courier, the longest running English community newspaper in Northern Luzon, marked its 76th anniversary on April 28.
Despite the challenges faced by newspapers worldwide due to the advent of the Internet and soaring popularity of social media platforms as source of information and the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Midland Courier remains one of the most enduring publications in the country today.
At the height of the pandemic when media operation was greatly impacted by the national and local restrictions, the people behind the Midland Courier did their very best not to miss running a single issue in order to live up to its primary purpose – to inform the public on crucial public advisories from the Department of Health, the city government, and other concerned government agencies that were trying to protect the public and eliminate the virus.
The Midland Courier will not be where it is today without the people behind it.
We acknowledge the varied contributions of our columnists, namely Roger Lao-lawi for the “City Council”, Atty. Guillermo Bandonill Jr. for “Circumstantially Factual”, Rev. Fr. Marcs Castañeda for “La Voce Del Popolo”, Dr. Josefina Laza-Luspian for “Your Medical Corner”, Atty. Edgar Avila for “Charivaried”, “Dear Manang” by a wonderful lady writer, Gaby Keith for “G-String”, Prof. Morr Pungayan for “Ethnos Ibaloi”, Stella Marie De Guia for “Turo-Tour”, Nonnette Bennett for LifeStyle, and Atty. Del Claravall for his series of commentaries.

Harley Palangchao – Editor-in-Chief
Lita Jane Cadalig – Asst. Editor
Rimaliza Opina – News desk
Hanna Lacsamana – News desk
Ofelia Empian – News desk
Cristopher Hamada – Editorial assistant

The Editorial Department headed by Editor-in-Chief Harley Palangchao with Lita Jane Cadalig as Assistant Editor while the News Desk is composed of Rimaliza Opiña, Hanna Lacsamana, and Ofelia Empian with Cristopher Hamada as the editorial assistant and cartoonist, Jogin Rey Tamayo.

Joel Co – Computer layout for display and obituary ads
Jackson Buenavente – Editorial section layout
Guillermo Casuga Jr. – Computer layout for classified ads
Aries Yap – Computer layout for legal notices

The Computer Department headed by Joel Co, who does the layout for display and obituary ads; Jackson Buenavente for the editorial section; and Guillermo Casuga Jr. and Aries Yap for classified ads.

Jaime Gacayan, Felix Mariano and Joel  Addamo – Printing Department
Lito Cabradilla, Jaime Kindipan and Boni Campo – Binding Department

The Printing Department headed by Jaime Gacayan, Joel Addamo, and Felix Mariano and the Binding Department headed by Jaime Kindipan, Lito Cabradilla, and Boni Campo.

Roger Dulnuan, Joel Awicdi, Jonis Dulnuan – Security

The Security Department composed of Roger Dulnuan, Joel Awicdi, Carlito Enavea, and Jonis Dulnuan.

Mary Joy Mabalot – Advertising
Diane Garas – Circulation
Nestor Gamundoy – Production layout

The Advertising Department headed by Mary Joy Mabalot and Circulation Department headed by Diane Garas with Nestor Gamundoy as production lay-out.

Rhad Vic Estoque – CPA Accounting
Maribeth Terminez – Accounting
Robelyne  Soriano – Bookkeeper

The Accounting Department headed by internal certified public accountant Rhad Vic Estoque and external CPA Renato Dacones, accounts payable officer Maribeth Terminez, and receivables officer Robelyn Soriano.

Gloria Antoinette Hamada – Publisher and C.O.O.
Nicole Hamada – Assistant corporate secretary
Mark Hamada

The management officers are Corporate Treasurer Emilia B. Hamada, Assistant Corporate Treasurer Stephanie H. Matias, Assistant Corporate Secretary Kathreen Nicole Hamada, and Chief Operations Officer and Publisher Gloria Antoinette Hamada with Mark Hamada as assistant.
The management and staff of the Baguio Midland Courier would like to thank our readers, advertisers, partners, and contributing writers and photographers for your continued support, as we continue to ensure that the Midland Courier will be fair, friendly, free, and fearless in carrying its role in a democratic society.