May 30, 2023

For 2,021 years, the church is surviving and impacting to the world amidst the challenges and weaknesses because it was founded by Jesus Christ.
The church was founded 2,021 years ago and faith reached the Philippines 500 years ago.The living faith arrived in Kilong, Sagada, Mountain Province 107 years ago and Kilong Catholic Mission became an autonomous mission station from Bontoc Catholic Mission 25 years ago.
On Aug. 28, the Kilong Catholic Mission celebrated its silver jubilee with the theme, “Nan pammati ay nipegnad sinan layad et pammati ay adi kakawas. Maesesang tako ay mangisunong sinan batawa babaen sinan kalalag ya disiplina et laton na maamas nan pandemia.”
The celebration was highlighted by the Holy Eucharist. The Sacrament of Confirmation that was originally planned was canceled in adherence with the Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force protocols. It was replaced by the commissioning of the lay ministers and the blessing of the altar servers.
A novena mass was offered, the Holy Rosary was prayed, the angelus observed at 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m., and the youth prayed the vespers. The beating of the gong and dancing by the old folks gave life as well to the celebration. Culture and faith were celebrated together.
The celebration did not forget to thank the CICM and ICM missionaries who braved the mountains of Kiltepan for evangelization.
After the Holy Mass, a program was facilitated where the inspirational message was delivered.
Let us read with our heart and appreciate the motivating message of Sagada Mayor James Pooten on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Kilong Catholic Mission:
“I join the congregation of Kilong Catholic Mission in the celebration of their church anniversary today. By this point in time, this big yet home of the humble church has made its mark in the history of Kilong and Sagada. St. Joseph in Sagada has notably endured the moving of structures and the passage of years. Many flips of the hourglass have undoubtedly produced several fond memories for the people of this church. Festivals, fellowships, youth activities, worship services.
I ask everyone here to stop and take the time to cherish such memories. Let us think about how far this church has come – in the hopes of bringing vigor to each life here and manifesting admiration for a brighter future for this institution.
Please allow me to include in the forefront of this message my gratitude for the members of this Church. They have been active in rendering their support and participation, as citizens of this town, to the programs and activities of our municipal local government unit and its partner line agencies. I firmly believe that this is largely with the support of the Christian formation provided by this Church. May we continue to be partners in progress. May we as well continue to emulate Jesus in his commitment to serve people in need. May we continue to raise hope in our own communities.
Amidst the still lingering presence of Covid-19 in the corners of our country, I ask for us to continue to work together. Just as Joseph and the Lord Jesus were, let us be faithful leaders in such difficult times.
For decades, this church has provided positive impact for Kilong and nearby communities. Let us pray that such will continue and even grow further. I wish for more blessings to come for the people and its ministry so that the spiritual health within us and our surrounding environment will be sustained. Such longevity is evidence of the continued good works of St. Joseph.
To end my message, I pray that the future for this institution be graced with calm winds and fair skies. I pray that just as St. Joseph had always done; it would continue to endure the difficulties of tumultuous times. And I pray that its very foundations remain steadfast and steady despite any attempts of trembling and shaking.
May the Lord God continue to shower St. Joseph with goodness and unconditional love.
Ituloy tako kayet ay mang-ipeyas isnan gawis.”