June 9, 2023

Agriculture Sec. William Dar and Ambassador of France to the Philippines Nicolas Galey discussed mutual goals to enhance the agricultural cooperation and trade between the Philippines and France during the ambassador’s visit to the Department of Agriculture on Jan. 6.
The two countries will continue to implement the Administrative Arrangement on Agricultural Cooperation particularly in terms of capacity building for cooperatives, dairy, food safety, and intellectual property.
“I really would like to see the DA strongly a part of the activity,” Dar said in support of the project to improve agricultural infrastructure, particularly the establishment of food terminals in the country.
He said that the development of the Clark-Rungis Wholesale Food Market is “a big help in many ways” as it will attract various sectors to invest in agriculture.
Ambassador Galey said that the Philippines has a big potential to cater to French consumers. He also expressed support to the DA’s initiatives under a new development framework.
According to the ambassador, the importance of agriculture in France can be seen through the Rungis International Market in Paris (Marche International de Rungis) which is the biggest fresh produce market in the world. It has markets in Moscow, Dubai, and in Kazakhstan.
In the Philippines, it is operated and managed by Semmaris.
Dar also shared the DA’s plans to enhance food terminals in the Philippines that will apply the principles of modernization, industrialization, and inclusive agribusiness.
The project is expected to especially benefit local farmers as it will provide direct market access for them to sell their goods at higher prices thereby increasing their income.
In 2018, the Philippines exported $49.82 million worth of agricultural products to France and imported $132.73 million-worth of agricultural products from the European country. – DA release