May 28, 2023

Photography is more than just a skill. It means a lot to some people on different degrees.
Photography is an expression. Undeniably, some people express themselves through photography. Although it is not a spoken language, a picture can depict a person’s feelings or thoughts. As the adage goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.” But one word always stands out in a photo and it is the inner thought of the photographer.
Photography is a livelihood. It can be your side hustle or main source of income. How? Sell your photos online. There are dozens of websites that pay every photo you contribute. One of them is Shutterstock. You can also focus on wedding photography. In this way you can accept requests for prenuptials and wedding photo shootings.
Photography is an edge. Today, companies need an employee who can do photo shoot for them, especially that companies now have websites and social media accounts. They need pictures in their online sites. Thus, companies would prefer applicants who are skilled in photography.
Photography is essential in education. Educators know that learners have multiple intelligences and have different learning styles. Pure verbal way of teaching would deprive the learners who are inclined with actual learning, looking at a drawing or picture of the concept, or watching a video of the subject matter. Hence, teachers undergo trainings on how to develop attractive but meaningful digital presentations. Relevant pictures are needed for these modern presentations in schools.
Photography holds evidence. This is very true. You may have noticed that pictures play a vital role in newspapers. This is because pictures serve as evidence that such event in the news story really happened.
In the court, photographs are essential evidence to support an accusation or a judge’s decision over a case.
Aside from these, photography brings a person back to his or her past. You can relate on this matter. Try to revisit your old photographs. Surely you would remember your debut party, elementary or high school graduations, JS proms, or your christening.
Photography concludes an occasion. If you have noticed nowadays, people would always end a party, meeting, or acquaintances with picture taking or photo opportunities.
As Destin Sparks says, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” (AUGUSTIN A. DAO-ANIS)