December 5, 2023

The Pines Kumpadres Golf Club. Inc. (PKGCI), which maintains a roster of golf champions, kicked off its annual match play tournament at Pinewoods Golf & Country Club to elevate the level of game of its members.

Former champions, lawyer Soc Suayan and Ramir Badua are back to challenge reigning champion Henry Rosito and the rest of players in class A and the winners in class B, C, and D.

SCENIC PINEWOODS — The Pinewoods Golf & Country Club will be the venue of the annual Pines Kumpadres Golf Club, Inc., which maintains a roster of golfing champions. The stacked class A will be a battle among champions. — Harley Palangchao

Other notable players in class A who are individual and team champions in some of the biggest tournaments in the country are Jeremiah Guanso, Dai Tuschiya, Pol Mayos, Warren Lee Dagupon, and Pol Mayos.

The class A also saw the entry of topnotch players Bernard Capuyan, Noel Lamsis, Paul Diaz, Art Bacoco, and PKGCI’s newest member Noel Sebastian.

Tsuchiya has already secured two wins with Suayan, Sebastian, Dagupon, and Diaz winning their first games.

Lawyer Mark Jeff Balangitan is also back to defend his class B title against 11 other players in the division.

Reigning class C champion Sammy Salvador is out in this year’s match leaving the division an open contest among 12 players, including PKGCI president Marty Manayos.

This year also saw the creation of the lower class D division where players with more than 20 handicaps will battle for the division title.

The annual match play will have an overall champion after match games among division champions. – Harley F. Palangchao