September 30, 2023

After having completed all the necessary safety and health measures, the 350-strong members of Philippine Military Academy Class of 2024 have taken their oath and undergone the reception rites on June 15.

With their masks on and still observing physical distance, the Class of 2024, composed of 280 males and 70 females, successfully performed exercises that are diagnostic in nature and serve as a benchmark of their physical strength and stamina.

They were also given instructions on adjusting their masks as necessary as they performed the exercises.

The traditional reception rites deviated from the usual raucous ceremony with the upperclassmen as facilitators.

For this year’s reception rites, selected PMA officers and a few upperclassmen were designated to facilitate on the grounds and record the performance of the incoming cadets.

The rest of the cadet corps witnessed the events as spectators.

“Today’s reception rites is very different from what had been done before. In consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced all of us to the new normal, your class shall be undergoing the reception rites with only the PMA community to witness your first steps in the hallowed grounds of the Borromeo Field,” said the Superintendent, Vice Admiral Allan Ferdinand Cusi, addressing Class 2024, after having administered their oath. 

“At its surface, this reception is a simple ceremony to test and gauge your physical strength prior to the formal start of the trainings. In its symbolic and military tradition on the other hand, the reception rites herald the start of your regimented military life and your gradual transformation into professional and disciplined young military leaders,” he said.

Cusi assured the Class 2024, as he did their parents, that the PMA will continue to adapt in these trying times while maintaining the highest standards of excellence and honor as it aims to educate, train, develop, and inspire each cadet to become the best future officers and leaders with a heart and soul for the AFP and the motherland. – Press release