September 28, 2023

May we call the attention of Mayor Benjie Magalong about the prolonged repair of Honeymoon Road, which started on Aug. 30 and was supposed to be finished in 100 calendar days.
The repair and concreting being done by Norbano Builders have been going on the past three months with no end in sight.
The contractor is nowhere near their targeted finish date of Dec. 9, 2019.
The stretch they are working on is around 100 meters near the entrance of Honeymoon Road and as of writing, they have not even started cementing one side of the road they just finished compacting which is around 30 meters.
The rest of that side is just mud which has residents’ shoes and pants ending up with splatters of mud. The contractor already bore holes on the other side of the road since October which has caused bumpy rides. They should not have bore those holes when they are still far from finishing one side of the road.
There are only four to six workers a day working on such huge project, and two of them just man one-way traffic due to the lengthy curve. What’s worse, after 6 p.m., nobody is assigned as a flagman at the one-way section of the road, thus leaving vehicles converging in the middle. Drivers have no choice but drive backwards to give way to vehicles coming from the opposite side.
Norbano Builders should not be paid for its shabby and slow work. It must be banned from future government biddings as stated by law on unfinished contracts on due dates.
It appears that the contractor lacks manpower and equipment, which are some of the important requirement when one wins the bidding for a certain project.
The Commission on Audit and Mayor Magalong should look into this contract, as it clearly shows signs of corruption. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City