July 17, 2024

After participating in national and regional level trainings, the Philippine Statistics Authority Apayao recently conducted the provincial level training on 2023 Integrated Processing of Maps from Various Activities on Aug. 10 to 17 with hire map data processors as trainees.

A five-day training at the provincial level with hired map data verifiers as participants is ongoing until Aug. 25 to equip them prior to the conduct of field operations from Aug. 29 to Nov. 30.

The activity intends to validate the digitized territorial and administrative boundaries coordinated with national government agencies and validation of integrated geo-tagged building points from various activities which will be eventually linked to its corresponding statistical data.

The validation activity will in due course provide standard and comparable geospatial information for the use of PSA map-based operations, promoting a higher quality and accuracy of collected data. It also aims to develop geo-enabled sampling frames for the master sample for household-based surveys and other sampling frames for agriculture and fishing surveys, and establishment-based surveys.

Training on 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (2022 CAF) for household was also conducted at Luna, Apayao on Aug. 14 to 21 with seven census area supervisors, 10 team supervisors, and 44 enumerators hired for the field operations beginning Sept. 4 to Oct. 25. This covers 62 out of 133 barangays of Apayao.

The computer-assisted personal interview, paper and pen personal interview, telephone interview, and self-administered questionnaire are the data collection methods to be adopted.

The 2022 CAF is a nationwide undertaking geared towards collection and compilation of basic information on the agriculture and fisheries sectors and shall be used in the national and local development planning. It is the seventh of a series of decennial agricultural censuses and the sixth of the decennial census of fisheries in the country since 1903.

The provincial office seeks the support and cooperation of all respondents by providing the required and accurate information. – Press release