October 2, 2023

Apayao is supporting the nationwide conduct of the 2023 Updating of the List of Establishments (2023 ULE) from May 2 to July 31.

The 2023 ULE is a preparatory activity to the 2023 Census of Philippine Business and Industry, which will be conducted in 2024.

PSA personnel will visit establishments to conduct interviews and in case a personal interview is not possible, information may be gathered through a self-administered questionnaire in either printed form or in PDF format and accomplishment of online inquiry form.

An establishment, which is the unit of enumeration, is defined as an economic unit which engages in one or predominantly one kind of economic activity; under single ownership or control that is under a single entity and at a single fixed physical location.

Among the data items to be collected in the listing activity are the business and registered name, business tax identification number, business address, contact information, economic area, economic activity or business, the year the operation started operation, and legal organization.

Also to be taken are the nationality of owner/major stockholder/contributor, sex of the person holding the highest position, economic organization, name and address of main office, list of branches, total assets, name and address of the parent company, total employment and paid employees, workers on sub-contract agreement or under manpower agencies/contractors, e-commerce transactions, franchising, financial support/aid; and engagement in rice and corn trading, crop growing and livestock and poultry. 

As a rider to the activity, the 2022 Census of Agriculture non-household will also be conducted.

This census is a regular undertaking by the PSA to determine the structural characteristics of the agriculture and fishery sectors and will cover establishments, government agencies, associations, institutions, and international organizations.

The data from the census will provide basic information on the agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing characteristics to be used in the government’s national and local development planning.

Major data items to be collected in the census are number of establishments/cooperative/institutions operating agricultural, aquaculture, and fishing activities; legal form of organization under which the agricultural, aquaculture, and fishing activities are undertaken; type of agricultural activity operated such as growing of crops and raising of livestock and/or poultry including culturing of insects/worms, and the type of fishery activity such as aquaculture, municipal fishing and/or commercial fishing.

Other information to be asked are the characteristics of agricultural holdings, aquaculture, and fishing operations; and number and type of machineries, equipment, and facilities; number of workers/laborers and research and development personnel; kind of services/assistances received/availed; number of organic farms; and the kinds of challenges/problems encountered. 

The respondents are asked to support the activity by providing accurate information. 

The 2022 CAF for households will also be undertaken by PSA from September to October. – Press release