March 20, 2023

Philippine Sports Commission Chair Richard Bachmann’s first order of mission for the PSC is to ensure there will be no delays on the financial support that PSC provides for athletes. 

On his flag-raising ceremony as PSC’s 112th chair, Bachmann made clear his intent to be of service to athletes. 

WITH THE PSC CHIEF — Members of the Muay Thai Association of the Philippines under deputy coach Edzel Ngina strike a fight pose with Philippine Sports Commission Chair Richard Bachmann when the latter visited the Baguio Teachers’ Camp to have dialogues with national athletes and to inspect the equipment and other facilities of PSC. — PSC photo

“‘Yun ang pinaka-urgent na bagay para matulungan natin sila. If there is any delay in allowances of any athlete, paki-delay din ‘yung akin. My salary also. Give me the names of those athletes; give me the names of the NSAs (National Sports Associations), ako na ‘yung maghahabol. Because when I say that there should be no delay in allowances, I’m going to make it happen,” Bachmann said.

He also laid down his plans to bring back free meals for the members of the Philippine team. He also encouraged the PSC workforce to come to him if they have any suggestions or thoughts they want to share relative to the service they carry-out for their clients. 

Bachmann, who was joined by Commissioners Edward Hayco, Olivia “Bong”’ Coo and Walter Torres, laid down his four-point priority plan with his commissioners during their board meeting recently.

Aside from supporting the athletes, he also assured the PSC family they are part of his priority as he addressed them, saying they also work hard for the national athletes.

“I want to assure everyone that I am here to be of service. Period. No personal agenda. I am here to serve our national athletes, the NSAs, and the PSC organization,” Bachmann said. – PSC release