December 6, 2022

Nonnette C. Bennett
There are pets who become masters while there are also masters who are trained by their pets.
I also believe that there is communication between the two that cannot be imagined by those who have no pets. The best part is when this bond is understood by those who can prepare treats that foster this affection on pet birthdays.
Celebrating pet birthdays has become a special occasion that includes cakes and for some, dressing them up. This has become an industry in America that there are giant food, toys, clothes, and accessories stores just for pets. If not for this pandemic, one would not have believed that there can be a cake treat in dog or cat fare. Perhaps, it is because there is no need for the brick-and-mortar shop, and this can just be a home industry where the overhead costs can be minimized.
I just discovered the doggy cake is made from peanut butter for the younger dogs and there are some for larger dogs made with chicken or beef. The icing is made from yogurt. Can you believe that I tasted the icing on one cake and thought it was made with potatoes?
So, I asked my granddaughter, Yna, where she ordered the first doggie cake for Cooper, their three months old Golden Retriever, and she said it was Fur-Babies Pet Cake and Treats.
Thus, we were celebrating the birthdays of Koro, the cat, and Mali and Mohan, half-breed chihuahua-mini pinscher siblings on the same day, the treats had to come in the form of pupcakes and cat cake because they were small animals.
These chewy cakes come in colors of blue, green, purple, yellow, or red. There are dog bones or initials to top the cakes. The choice was purple and yellow with dog bones design for the dogs and the initial K for Koro. The catcake was made with tuna and this was a little more expensive than the pupcake that used peanut butter.
The order was for seven pupcakes and one catcake because there were two big dogs, Mayo and Alie, and four other dogs, Chichay, Chiquitina, Iraya, and Panchita in the household, not to forget the stray cat, Gato. This was a fur-friends party with their human slaves in a big celebration in the house.
The lunch date included a nice meal for the enslaved made up of fried chicken, tortang ampalaya, and salad with tomato dressing.The masters had their pup and cat treats before lunch was served for the bigger two-legged guests.
How did they like their birthday? Mohan chewed into his with gusto and took a full minute to down the two-inch diameter fudgy cake. Mali was dainty and nibbled at it a little longer. Koro licked and nibbled and chewed some. Mayo woofed it in two gulps. Ali liked to bite and swallow. Gato was so excited and licked and chewed until the cake disappeared. Chiquitina broke her own rules of not eating in her bed and ate it without her plate. Iraya took less than a minute to eat the whole cake because she was quick to ask for more. Chichay wanted more time with hers.
The owner of Fur – Babies Pet Cake and Treats asked how the masters liked their birthday cakes and based on how all the party goers ate the cakes, I said they loved them. That was the happy birthday for a full household of fur friends with their kind of food.

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