July 22, 2024

The Philippine Statistics Authority is looking for ways on how to reach out to persons with disabilities and bedridden individuals who cannot go to the registration centers for the national ID system.

PSA Usec. Claire Dennis Mapa, in his recent visit to Benguet, said the agency is creating strategies in coordination with the punong barangays to cater to the PWDs and bedridden individuals.

“We will just wait for the new registration kits that are lightweight and portable so it would be easier going to them to capture their biometric information and demographic information, if it is not captured yet,” Mapa said.

Mapa has visited the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) registration site in Tublay, Benguet, one of the pilot sites for the second step of the national ID system along with Mankayan. 

The PhilSys features three steps. The first step is the collection of the demographic information which includes the name, date of birth, among others wherein the PSA earlier went house to house and offers ongoing online registration for the collection of data.

The second step is the collection of biometrics information including iris scan, fingerprints and photograph.

The third step is the final processing and printing of the national ID to be sent out via PhilPost.

Mapa said there are 36 million who registered nationwide for first step and among that number, there are 13 million who underwent the second step. 

“The data will be checked at the central office, the process called deduplication for us to see if there are duplicates in the demographics and biometrics. If there’s none, it will be forwarded to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for printing of the national ID card,” he said.

He said there are already one million ID cards printed, in which the printing is conducted daily, while there are 500,000 ID cards delivered to the individuals.

Mapa said there would be additional registration kits for the region.

For Benguet, an additional 100 registration kits will be provided by September or August this year to jumpstart the registration for the other towns including Baguio City. – Ofelia C. Empian